Year 5 Stage Impressive Oliver Twist English Assembly

Praise was given to Joanna’s class for a recent school assembly. We have been learning about the work of Charles Dickens for our literacy learning. This led to a short extract from the Oliver story being performed in front of the rest of the school.

The pupils put in a tremendous effort in projecting their voices and preparing the props. The narration for the assembly was fantastic. The pupils greatly enjoyed working towards this achievement.

We finished our extract from Oliver with friends from other classes asking for more. We explained that this was a technique used by Dickens. He would start stories, and then leave his audience wanting to find out more.

Our next literacy work will involve a study of the Night Mail poem. This is a W. H. Auden poem dating back to 1936. The pupils will once again be working towards a performance of the poem later on in the term.

Elsewhere and Year 5 had a hands on session with Paul the animal man. A selection of snakes, spiders and reptiles were available for the pupils to observe. This visit fitted in perfectly with our life cycle topic. Our study of turtles has now moved on to the life cycle of butterflies.

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