Nursery Children Phonics Learning

The Nursery children have been working on improving their phonics sounds. We have played the doorbell game to help with this. Different words are written on a piece of card. Each letter has a doorbell underneath. The children are asked to sound out each letter that has a doorbell.

Class teacher Annette helped the children by telling them which letter we start with when reading a word. The children then work their way across the word, sounding out each sound. Example words include sack, kick and pack. Each class member is then asked to form a sentence that contains their new word.

The Nursery children have also been writing out their own words after listening to an adult. The same technique is followed. The children are asked to listen to each sound in a word such as pig. This is then shared on the class whiteboard.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and our main reading book will be Michael Recycle. The children will be learning about why it is important to recycle, and what we can do at home and at school to help.

We have already gone on a walk around the school to look for items that can be recycled. These have all been labelled. We were also able to see the many recycle bins that are in our playground. The children talked about which items go in each bin.

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