Success for Year 6 Students with the Burnet News Club

Some of the Year 6 students are celebrating after receiving a runners up award for the Burnet News Club. Journalism students meet after school once a week with class teacher Leanne.

The aim of the Burnet News Club is for pupils to produce pieces of work. These are then shared online and receive feedback. Our recent video submission was on the future of the NHS. It received high praise from Clare Foges, a former journalist for The Times.

This particular unit focussed on the key skills needed for news storytelling. The brief for the students was tight. The short video piece was carefully planned. The pupils concentrated on what makes a good piece of video news.

Techniques such as emotive language, reasoning, opinions and facts were all considered. The end piece was a compelling video piece from a couple of our bright Burnet News Club members. We are proud to share the video below.

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