Reception Animals Topic & ICT Time with Digital Leaders

The Reception classes had a wonderful time on our recent trip to Goldstone Farm. We have been learning about different farm animals. This was the perfect opportunity for the children to see a selection of farm animals.

We were able to see up close rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. The Reception children were invited to help feed the pigs on the farm. Our trip also included a tractor ride as we looked around the rest of the farm.

Our animal topic will continue in class. Our current reading book is What the Ladybird Heard Next. We are also using our animal interest to help with maths learning. The Reception children have been adding together different farm animals.

The children are also enjoying the sessions they have with the Michael Faraday Digital Leaders. This is made up of Key Stage 2 pupils who are keen to develop their digital skills.

Members of the team spend some time each week with the younger children in the school. The Reception children have been having help to use some fun iPad apps. The school laptops are also shared to help with keyboard and navigation skills.

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