Year 2 Working Hard Ahead of SATS Tests

Year 2 are putting in some final preparations ahead of the SATS exams. This assessment is used to help the children as they progress to become Key Stage 2 pupils in September.

Four different tests are taken: maths, English, spelling and grammar & punctuation. Class teachers Rafiat and Elspeth have been helping each pupil to feel confident ahead of the exams.

Past questions have been looked at. The children particularly enjoyed a recent maths challenge. We were told that three monkeys shared 25 nuts. Each monkey ate an odd number of nuts. The children were asked to work out the different possibilities as the monkeys shared the nuts.

Reasoning and logic were key to answering this question. The Year 2 children were guided to think of the smallest number first, and then to work their way up to 25. All the ideas were shared at the end of the session.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and we are continuing with our regular yoga sessions with Serena. The pupils are showing great concentration and flexibility. We have been learning the different names for the relaxing moves that we are carrying out.

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