Year 5 Practical Life Cycle Science Project

The Year 5 students are excited about two different life cycle projects taking place in our classrooms. We are incubating some chicken eggs, as well as observing the growth of caterpillars.

The eggs have kindly come from our friends at Surrey Docks Farm. They are being looked after on a special incubator. This warms and rotates the eggs, helping the chicks to develop inside.

Year 5 have been cradling the eggs. This refers to a process that allows us to view the growth of the embryos inside the eggs. Some of the pupils have been using the iHatch iPad app to help monitor and log the four week incubation cycle.

We will be looking after the chicks for one week after they have hatched. The pupils will be observing their growth and helping with the feeding. The chicks will then be returned to Surrey Docks Farm to continue with their development.

Our second life cycle project involves caterpillars. These are currently feeding on a sugar heavy diet in a special container. The students have been observing the skin layers being shed. We can expect each caterpillar to shed up to four layers of skin!

We will be releasing the butterflies into Burgess Park once the caterpillars complete metamorphosis. This is the perfect place as our local park is famous for the Camberwell Butterfly.

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