Reception Mini Beasts and Music!

The Reception classes are building bug hotels for the mini beasts that live in our playground. The children have been learning how we can care for these small creatures and give them a friendly home.

This has led to some thoughts on how to light up the bug hotels. One suggestion was with some small lightbulbs! The children then had great fun putting together some simple electrical circuits. We saw how the electricity needs to flow around the circuit.

Our food tech learning has seen the Reception children bake some healthy pizzas. Each class member was given a choice for the toppings on our pizzas. The final verdict was that these tasted wonderful.

The Reception children have also been continuing their weekly music sessions with Nora. The main focus at the moment is on listening. The children have been repeating some of the musical patterns played by Nora on the chime bars.

The pace of the music goes from fast to slow. The Reception children have also been asked to listen out for the pulse of the music being played.

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