Year 5 Southwark Splash Preparations

Year 5 have started work on their contributions for the Southwark Splash concert. This takes place at the Royal Festival Hall on 3 July. It is an opportunity for the pupils to work alongside children from other Southwark schools.

Joanna’s Year 5 class will be performing the singing. Tersia’s pupils will have the dancing responsibilities.

The title of the production this year is How High the Moon. This is an original piece of music composed by the excellent Splash team of Ros and Rebecca. They both visited Year 5 recently for the first Splash session.

The play tells the story of how the moon is jealous of the sun. It asks for the help of the planets to gang up on the sun. Each song is related to a planet. Joanna’s class started off by learning the words and movement for Mercury.

We are happy to share some of the songs below. We only have four weeks on this project from start to finish! The pupils are encouraged to listen and rehearse during any spare time at home.

We can also update on the Year 5 chicks and butterfly growth project. The chickens have yet to hatch. Some of the butterflies have started to emerge from their chrysalis. We are expecting the chicks to break through any day now!

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