Y6 Complete SATS Week and Look Ahead to School Play

Year 6 have been celebrating having finished their SATS exams. The pupils approached the tests in a very clam manner. Plenty of coaching took place to help set up strategies for each pupil.

The results won’t be known until July. The papers have now been sent to the external examiner to mark. Class teachers Leanne and Rebecca are optimistic for some impressive results.

Attention in Year 6 has now turned towards the end of year play. A story has been decided upon. This is currently being kept top secret! All that we can say is that it contains a super hero theme…

Informal auditions have taken place. Small groups of pupils worked together on some drama scenes. Leanne and Rebecca have been observing groups of pupils working together whilst acting.

Rebecca’s class took the opportunity of an assembly to impress with their acting. The students were asked to focus on their voice projection.

Roald Dahl’s Cinderella poem was the subject for our assembly. Each pupil had a speaking part. These were all performed without the use of scripts.

Individual parts will be assigned ahead of half term. Year 6 will also be given their scripts to go away and learn during the short break. We also have the School Journey to look forward.

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