A Busy Summer Term Curriculum in Year 3

Year 3 have been busy with many different learning activities across the curriculum. Our science work has looked at how plants can take on board water through the stem of the plant.

We set up an experiment using two sticks of celery. One of these was placed in clear tap water. A second stick was placed in water that had some red food colouring added to it.

We left the celery in the sunlight to grow. The children were able to observe that the celery with the red water had turned parts of the plant red. We could then conclude that water travels up the stem of the plant as part of the feeding process.

Elsewhere and each class member has potted and attended to their own tomato plant. We were amazed at the growth spurt that these all displayed after the half term break! We are hopeful that the plants will soon start to flower.

Other Year 3 work involves fractions in maths. We are also enjoying our weekly swimming lessons at the brand new Elephant pool. The pupils are given expert tuition in how to improve various strokes.

Finally we would like to share some literacy learning. Year 3 have been watching the Monkey Symphony story. This has led to the pupils writing and producing their own newspaper reports. You can listen to one of the pupils reading out his work in the recording below.

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