Reception Start Homes and Habitat Topic

The Reception children have started a homes and habitat topic. The aim is for the children to think about the places where we live, as well as where insects might live. Both classes have created their own bug hotels to help out the local wildlife.

We have also taken delivery of some baby caterpillars. The children will be looking after our new friends and observing their transformation.

Our class reading book is linked to this topic. The Reception children are enjoying reading Iggy Peck Architect.

This has led to the children exploring some large wooden bricks in the playground to build structures. We also have some mini-bricks indoors to help build our model homes.

One thought on “Reception Start Homes and Habitat Topic

  • June 16, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Such a wonderful project and so interesting for the children of today to understand and embrace nature. The future will be richer and they will be part of it

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