Travelling Ted Continues his Travels in Year 2

The Year 2 children have been taking tremendous pride in looking after Travelling Ted. This is our friendly Year 2 teddy bear who likes to travel around the world. Each week a class member gets to take Ted home and to look after him for a week.

We are also proud of our diverse cultural backgrounds at Michael Faraday School. Travelling Ted gets to enjoy some of the cultures that Year 2 children are able to enjoy back at home.

Once the week comes to an end, the Travelling Ted host explains a little more about the experience to our class friends. We get to hear about the country of origin for the host family and how people might live in that country.

Travelling Ted has experienced different foods, music and entertainment. A travel diary is kept. Each class member documents what Ted has been doing throughout the past week. We also talk a little about our backgrounds and why we are proud of them. Google Earth is used to locate each country in class.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our tree topic has been continuing. This science learning has been combined with some English work. The children have all produced a Leaf Spotting book. Sketches of leave have been drawn, with a description of what they look like. We are looking forward to a trip to a local wood later in the term.

Finally we are happy to share some photos of the Year 2 children enjoying their library time. Each week the children explore the different books in our school library. Individual books are chosen to take home.

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