Year 6 Rehearsals for the School Play

The Year 6 pupils have been showing their creative flair as preparation continues for the end of term play. This is a major moment in the Michael Faraday calendar.

It is early days in the 2017 production. We are confident that the students will put on a stunning performance.

The play this year is The Amazing Adventures of Superstan. Auditions have led to the parts being cast. Each class member will have a significant speaking role to play. Two performances will take place, allowing the key characters to be shared.

Year 6 are currently learning their lines. We have reached Scene 7 in the play. The pupils have been thinking about stage directions and how to structure the story.

The annual School Journey will be an opportunity to continue with the rehearsals. We also have many fun and educational activities planned for our week away in Bournemouth.

The performances of The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan will take place at 2pm and 6pm on 18 July. Ticket details for Year 6 family and friends will soon be made available. You can listen to some of the actors sharing their ideas in the recording below.

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