A Busy End to the Summer Term in Year 1

Both Year 1 classes had a brilliant trip to London Zoo. We have been reading Cave Baby in class. We were hopeful of seeing some of the animals that feature in the story during our zoo visit. The children were surprised to see some cave paintings on some of the walls at London Zoo.

Our next big Year 1 trip is the annual beach outing. This will take place on 13 July. We still have plenty of learning to complete in Year 1 before we pack our buckets and spades!

Stanley’s Stick will be our new reading text over the next few weeks. We will be finding out more about Stanley’s magic stick and some of the adventures that it takes him on.

The children will be carrying out a science investigation based around their favourite tastes. We will be designing and then making some dips and dippers. The Year 1 pupils will be asked to describe the different tastes. They will decide on which ones they prefer.

Maths work for the final few weeks of the summer term will look at place value. The children will be identifying numbers in the one and ten columns. This will lead to a 100 square being produced by each class member. The square will be a useful resource for the children as they start Year 2 in September.

Finally it is worth mentioning the weekly music lessons that continue with our music teacher Nora. The children have been working with chime bars to identify different notes.

Nora has introduced the pupils a high and a low sound. We then learnt that these can also be called So and Me. Nora demonstrated the hand signals for these notes. The next task was for the Year 1 children to respond to the signal made by Nora and play the correct note.

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