Year 6 Making Great Progress on End of Year School Play

Year 6 are now in full rehearsal mode ahead of the end of year play. The Amazing Adventures of Superstan is starting to take shape. All the pupils are now confident with their acting and lines. Attention has turned towards the songs.

We are fortunate to have the professional skills of Nora, our Michael Faraday music teacher. Nora has been coaching Year 6 on the songs featured in the story. Individual support has been given to some of the pupils who perform a solo.

Nora has also been guiding the pupils to perform well together as a choir. Some of the songs need some complex harmonies being sung within the group. Two of the actors take on the role of a Gran. Nora has been helping the students to sing in tune, but still sound like a very old lady!

This is still very much a work in progress. We are happy to share a sneak preview from a recent rehearsal in the recordings below.

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