Year 5 Take Part in Where We Live Art Exhibition

Year 5 are working on an end of term art project with our friends from the nearby ASC Gallery. A competition has been organised based around the theme of: Where We Live.

Joanna’s class took part in an observation walk around a local block to find some inspiration. Many different themes started to emerge.

Some of the children noticed that this is a very green area. A selection of leaves from trees were collected for use as the subject matter. Water colours have been used to create the soft feel of the leaves.

At the other opposite to this is the buildings that are around us. These are very rigid with straight defining lines. One group of pupils has been using charcoal to sketch these out.

The geography of our area interested other class members. They have been reproducing a detailed map of our SE17 area.

Another idea is the use of lettering.. We saw examples of lettering everywhere on our walk. Road signs are also being recreated. Collages are being created showing signs that we can see around us.

A final observation was some of the close up images that we saw on our work. Some of the children are working on details such as the drain grills that we saw.

Two other local schools have also been invited to contribute. The end result will be an exhibition at the Thurlow Street gallery ahead of the summer break.

Prizes are available for the artwork that best sums up the idea of Where We Live. Both Year 5 classes will be invited to attend the exhibition to see their work being displayed.

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