Nursery Transition and Come Dine With Us!

The Nursery children have started their transition to become Reception pupils in September. We have spent some time with our new teachers Emily and Aysha. Our new teachers spent a little time getting to know the children they will be teaching next year.

Some shared reading took place. The children were also given a selection of instruments to play. Emily and Ayshah are keen to find out what interests each pupil ahead of the new autumn term.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and we are thrilled that the Come Dine With Us sessions have been such a success. The idea is to invite parents and carers into our school to share in some food and drink.

All the food was prepared by the Nursery children. This has been a language rich project. We used food to help the children improve their vocabulary and talk about what they were doing.

The children also prepared the invitations for our guests. Each visitor was served with their food by the Nursery children.

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