Year 6 Grammar Royalty Crowned in Glittering Ceremony

A selection of Year 6 students were crowned Grammar Royalty at the close of the summer term. This is a special occasion in recognition of the achievements in the intervention lessons.

Staff member Ragini holds five extra classes each day with five different sets of pupils. The aim is to give a little extra boost to our literacy learning. The sessions are held in preparation for the May SATS exams.

The learning continued after SATS week had finished. Ragini set a post-SATS grammar challenge. Questions were set that were an extra level above our SATS learning.

Gold stars were handed out for outstanding work. The pupils with the highest number of gold stars were then crowned Grammar Royalty in honour of their achievements.

A special crowning celebration took place. It was plenty of fun, as you can see from our Grammar Royalty parade video below!

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