Y6 Star in Sensational Superstan Showcase Performance

The 2017 Michael Faraday Year 6 play was another fantastic success. The pupils presented The Amazing Adventures of Superstan. This was a story that involved villains, superhero grans and a magical pair of underpants.

Plus we had plenty of joyful singing and amazing acting to showcase the talents of the Year 6 students.

The countdown to the two main performances started with a series of dress rehearsals. All our friends from around the school were able to enjoy the acting and singing talents of Year 6.

And then finally the big moment came. Two performances were staged for family and carers on the same day. We had a 2pm and a 6pm show. All the parts were mixed around so that everyone had a chance to shine.

The appreciative audience made many comments on the high standard of the show. This gets more difficult to better every year!

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan was an incredibly creative production. Almost every line had a punchline. The singing and dancing actions were pulled off to perfection. Some audience members also commented on the brave solo singing performances.

This is the final grand project for the Year 6 pupils ahead of their new learning adventures. All pupils have worked hard on The Amazing Adventures of Superstan since the end of SATS.

We would like to thank our superb staff who have made this play possible. Our brilliant support staff Dilek, Ragini and Jacqueline have put in many hours to prepare the costumes, props and set.

Our two Directors Leanna and Rebecca have worked wonders to hold the show together. Music teacher Nora has also been invaluable. We would also like to thank the many parents and carers who came to show their support for our show.

We are happy to share some videos and an extensive photo galley below.

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