Descriptive Writing, Sound & North Africa all Feature in Y4

Year 4 have started the new school year with a series of maths challenges. These were set up to reinforce our existing knowledge, and to prepare for the learning to follow.

Class teachers Sarah and Badgie have a busy curriculum planned for the autumn term. The pupils will soon be introduced to the ukulele. Weekly lessons will take place with our expert teacher Joe. Spelling tests are scheduled for every Friday.

Our maths learning will continue as the pupils work towards learning the times tables. The challenge is for everyone to feel confident when answering sums extending to 12×12.

Descriptive writing will be one of the key themes for our English learning. The pupils will be looking at different writing genres and learning how to identify the characteristics.

North East Africa will be studied in detail during geography learning. This will continue in art lessons with a look at African prints. Ancient Egypt will be the subject for our Year 4 history learning.

State and matter and sound will be explored in science. We will be using our ICT time to design a computer game with moving objects.

Sarah and Badgie would like to invite all parents to an informal session to meet them on 12 September at 2:45pm. This is an opportunity to ask any questions about Year 4 at Michael Faraday School.

An early art project in Year 4 has been to explore the technique of mixing within art. Each pupil has started work on a self-portrait. We have been experimenting to try and match the exact skin colour.

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