Y1 Transition to KS1 Starts with some Biscuit Portraits!

The new Year 1 pupils have been making a gentle transition from Reception to Key Stage 1. This is a period of learning that has a little more structure. The children will be working in a classroom situation, rather than the more open Reception.

Class teachers Kelly and Emma have introduced some fun activities during the first few days of learning. One of these was to create a delicious biscuit self-portrait!

Digestives were used at the base of the face. Each class member decorated the biscuit with some icing sugar. Facial detail was then added. Chocolate buttons were used for the eyes.

The children cut up some strawberry laces to sculpt the lips and nose. Small chocolate pieces were added for the hair.

This was an early introduction to some of the food tech activities we have planned in Year 1. The children were able to judge how much of each topping was needed. Instructions such as spreading the icing sugar evenly were carried out.

The best bit was sampling the biscuit self-portraits!

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