Year 2 Start the New Term by Designing some Bookmarks

Year 2 have completed the important start of term task of designing a bookmark! Our passion for reading in Year 2 means that a bookmark is always a handy resource to have around.

Each class member was asked to come up with a unique design. The only constant was that our bookmarks needed to display our names. Some of the children positioned these horizontally, some vertically.

Some careful cutting took place to source the letters needed for our names. Glitter and feathers were the finishing touches. We hope that our brilliant bookmarks get to see plenty of action over the autumn term!

Elsewhere in Year 2 and another start of term task has been to complete an All About Me piece of artwork. A self-portrait was designed first. The children were asked to fill these shapes with unique information about themselves.

This was a great opportunity for class teachers Zoe and Neelam to find out a little more about the pupils. The posters are now on display in the classroom for all to see.

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