Y3 Curriculum Includes Poetry, the Thames and Coding

Year 3 are settling well into the new school routine. The transition to Key Stage 2 is a major step in their time as Michael Faraday pupils. Class teachers Kul and Elspeth have been helping all children with the changes.

We will shortly be starting our weekly recorder lessons. These will take place every Wednesday. PE lessons in Year 3 are timetabled for Thursdays for this term. The pupils will also be making regular trips to the Walworth Road library.

Our maths learning for the autumn term will reinforce times table knowledge. All pupils should feel confident with their 2, 5 and 10 times table. We will also be working hard on the 3 and 4 times tables.

Persuasive writing will be a key theme in English. We will be looking at the power of words to help put across a point of view. Poetry will also be looked at later in the term.

Kul and Elspeth are keen for the pupils to explore the local area as part of our history learning. We will be looking at the importance of the River Thames. Our art learning in Year 3 will look at different portrayals of the great river.

Science learning will examine differences between animal groups. Our ICT time will be used to create our own computer games.

All parents are invited to an informal session to meet with Kul and Elspeth at the school on 13 September at 2:30pm.

A busy time in Year 3!

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