Y6 Students Set Goals for the Start of New School Term

Year 6 have started the new school year by setting some goals for the learning ahead. This is an important year for the pupils. We are working towards the SATS tests in the summer term as well as secondary school transition.

We hope to have plenty of fun as well!

Part of this learning is for each pupil to identify areas where they need to improve their own learning. We started this work with a group discussion. A mind map of goals was drawn on the class whiteboard.

Each class member then came up with their personalised set of learning goals. This is still a work in progress. It will lead to some reports being typed out, and then presented as part of an exhibition in our Year 6 classroom. These will be a reminder about what we want to achieve.

You can listen to a couple of the Year 6 pupils explaining their ideas in the recording below.

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