Nursery New Starters Have Fun Sharing the School Resources

We are thrilled to welcome the new starters to the Michael Faraday Nursery. The children have wasted no time in getting to know our new friends and exploring our resources.

A music corner has been set up in the outdoor play space. The children have enjoyed exploring the sounds we can make with the chime bars and rhythm sticks.

Numicon is another popular activity. This is a physical way for the children to explore different shapes.

The children have been introduced to some of the books that we will be reading during the autumn term. Billy’s Bucket is a book that is about finding out what surprises we might find in our buckets. The children have also enjoyed some sharp stories.

We have also discovered a tremendous interest for unicorns! The Nursery children have enjoyed playing with unicorn toys, and taking care of them around our shared space. Some unicorn face painting has helped the children to act out some unicorn scenes.

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