Reception Children Settle into New School Routine

The new Reception classes are settling in well to our Michael Faraday School routine. We are happy to welcome back many of the Nursery children from last year, as well sixteen new starters.

Our first few weeks have been spent getting to know the rules and routine in Reception. This includes exploring the many resources and remembering to share them. The children have also been learning about the importance of tidying up at the end of our activities.

Class teachers Emily and Ayshah have introduced a rewards system. A marble is placed in the class jam jar each time that good listening or instructions are followed. We are hopeful of staging a class party if the jam jar becomes full by the end of term.

The children have started to read their first class book of the term. We are enjoying reading about the family life stories in So Much! This has been used in class to help the children share their own family experiences.

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