Y1 Practice Throwing and Catching During PE Lessons

Year 1 have been improving their throwing tactics during our recent PE sessions. This is the first time that the new Year 1 children have taken part in a structured PE session. We expect all pupils to be prepared for our Friday morning lessons with the correct school PE kit.

Different workstation were set up around the gym. These all involved throwing either a beanbag or a soft ball to hit a target. We kept a count about how successful we had been with our throws.

The children also took part in a pre-activity warm up, and then the warm down following the PE lesson. We have been speaking about why it is important to prepare our bodies and minds for the physical activity to come. We also need to wind down with a cooling session at the close.

Future PE lessons will start to look at sending and receiving skills using bean bags and the soft balls.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and the children have all completed a self-portrait sculpture. We used plasticine as the main resource. This was then glazed with a layer of layer to add a little strength. The children were asked to think about their unique features, and add these into the designs.

One thought on “Y1 Practice Throwing and Catching During PE Lessons

  • September 27, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    So impressed with the high standard of work all the children have produced. Well done to my grandaughter Bella who did an amazing self portrait and wrote her name on it.

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