Year 2 Introduction to Judaism and Library Time

Year 2 are learning about some of the major world religions. We have started our research by looking at Judaism. Our first session helped the children to identify some of the main features of the religion.

We have learnt how Jewish people worship in Synagogues. Year 2 have also been finding out about the importance of the Torah – the holy book for the Jewish faith. We have drawn the Star of David in our books.

Other major world religions will be researched throughout the term. This will then lead to a comparison between them when we have more knowledge.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our regular school library sessions continue. We are proud of the extensive library facilities that we are able to offer at Michael Faraday School.

The pupils are given a free choice to select a book to read each week. Year 2 are encouraged to take the book home and have some reading time with their family.

The pupils also share their reviews within class. We ask the children to explain what they have enjoyed about their stories, and if they would recommend them to friends.

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