Year 5 Science Museum Trip to Research Materials

Both Year 5 classes have recently enjoyed a trip out to the Science Museum. The purpose of our visits was to learn about materials. We have started a new science topic that will explore how different materials are made.

The pupils were able to interact with a wide selection of materials at the Science Museum. Our main task was to classify the materials. We looked at what they had in common, and what might be different.

You can listen to one group of pupils explaining a little more about their trip in the recording below.

Our history topic in Year 5 involves researching all about Ancient Greece. The pupils are finding our study of Greek Gods and Goddesses fascinating. We are working towards producing a class book to share our knowledge.

Pairs of pupils have researched a particular God or Goddess. We looked online, as well as using text books. The defining characteristics of each God and Goddess has been described.

Finally we are happy to share some photos of the recent Year 5 artwork. The pupils were asked to focus on the detail for a series of bird sketches.

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