Nursery Children Continue to Settle into School Routine

The new Nursery children have started work on narrating their own stories. Class teachers Catherine and Deanna listen to the thoughts of the children. These are then written on a large script.

This verbal learning helps the teachers to understand how sentences are formed and what verbs are being used. The stories are then transferred to our personal learning journals.

Elsewhere around the Nursery and a giant shark is currently being created! We have improvised with some cardboard materials. The children have been asked to paint the shark with some suitable colours.

We are looking forward to our home garden having a redesign. The Nursery children have been asked what features they would like to see in this learning space.

This will then be used to help the children to become better organised. We will be looking after the space and making sure that it is kept tidy. The children are hopeful of having a grand opening party!

Finally the teaching staff in the Nursery are preparing for the first Nursery Parents’ Evening ahead of half term. This is a chance to provide feedback and find out about the early friendships that have been made.

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