Reception Music Video

The Reception children are continuing their weekly music lessons with our music teacher Nora. These sessions start off with a gentle vocal and body warm up in the school studio.

Two new songs have recently been introduced to the children by Nora. Both of them involve plenty of singing and counting. Alice the Camel and Down the Road both had a countdown from five to zero.

The Reception children were also asked to think about the rhythm of the songs. We listened to the beat and walked in time around the music studio together.

Nora then introduced two chime bars. One had a high note whilst the other sounded low. The children had to identify which sound was being played and then use their hands to say if it was high or low.

Finally Nora gave the children a choice of the instruments. Drums, tambourines and maracas were all available. The children were asked to respond to instructions to play the instruments either loudly or quietly.

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