Year 3 English, Geography, Art and PE

Year 3 have been producing some thoughtful work based around our class reading book of Into the Forest. This is a magical tale involving a young boy who goes on a strange midnight journey.

The pupils have written a series of diary entries in the character of the young boy. We were asked to write our stories in chronological order and in the first person. Year 3 have also been focussing on writing text in the past tense and using some amazing adjectives.

Self-checking our work is another important skill that the pupils have been practicing. We have been understanding the importance of being self-critical and making sure that our work is the best that we can achieve.

Elsewhere in Year 3 and our geography work has involved researching the River Thames. We are soon going to be heading out on an observational walk from London Bridge to Waterloo Bridge.

This will be followed up a week later with a boat trip along the river. We want the children to appreciate what can be seen along the Thames from two different perspectives. This work will lead to looking at the history of London along the River Thames.

Artwork in Year 3 has involved the pupils producing some self-portraits. We have been experimenting with different media. Pencil sketches have been used so that shading can add depth. The pupils will then work on some paint self portraits.

Finally we have been having plenty of fun with our Year 3 PE lessons. The focus has been on confident ball skills. The pupils have been practicing catching a tennis ball whilst it is moving.

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