Year 4 Ancient Egypt Assembly

Sarah’s Year 4 class recently staged a colourful assembly themed around Ancient Egypt. This is our main history topic for the autumn term. The assembly was an opportunity to share some of our early learning.

We welcomed our friends from other classes into the assembly with a song about the Ancient Egyptian pharos. Some of the pupils explained how the Ancient Egyptians gave us maths knowledge and language with hieroglyphics.

The story of Rhodopis was then acted out. We have been learning how this story has many similarities with the Cinderella story that we are familiar with.

Each class member had a speaking and an acting part. Some amazing costumes and resources were produced by Rafiat, Fatima and Joyce.

The assembly ended by asking our audience if they thought that Rhodopis was fact or fiction. We also wanted our friends to compare the Ancient Egyptian story with that of Cinderella.

You can listen to a group of Year 4 pupils talking about their assembly in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we are continuing with our weekly ukulele lessons. This is a new instrument for the pupils to learn as they enter into Year 3. Our expert ukulele teacher Joe has been helping all pupils to hold the instrument correctly.

We have explored a series of simple chords. Work is already underway in learning our first Year 3 ukulele song.

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