Year 5 Introduction to the Treble Recorder

Both Year 5 classes have been making good progress with their treble recorder lessons. These take place each week under the expert tuition of Danny. We usually start with a vocal warm to get the pupils ready for their recorders.

The move up from a descant recorder to a treble is a major move. This is a technical instrument that requires the pupils to be flexible with their finger movement. Danny has been helping the pupils assemble their instruments and to hold them in a comfortable position.

Our early learning has been based around playing the notes C, D and E. Volunteers were asked to play a series of notes. Our friends were then asked to copy this sequence. We soon learnt that we need to blow extra gently on the C note as this can sound a little squeaky if played to hard.

Danny then introduced some musical notes presented as a score. The pupils were asked to name each note as it moved up and down the scale. Our session came to a close by learning the sequence for the Treble Rock song.

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