Year 1 Friday Morning Fun PE Video!

The Year 1 children have been continuing with their Friday morning PE sessions. These remain an important part of the transition from Early Years learning. The Year 1 children are expected to bring to school their Michael Faraday PE kit.

Our current PE work involves helping the pupils to take part in target games. Sending and receiving a ball with a partner is another key objective. Plus improving co-ordination with some hopscotch skills has also been added in!

A recent session saw three teams competing along a simple relay course. Each team member had to run between a series of cones. Other activities such as bouncing a ball or jumping back to the start were added in.

Following instructions was a key message here. The children learnt the importance of listening to the rules if we want to be successful. Everyone had a chance to take part. Team members were asked to anticipate when it would be their time to race.

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