Year 3 London Landmarks Video Presentations

Both Year 3 classes recently took part in two River Thames trips. Our first visit was for an observational walk along the riverbank. We returned later for a boat trip along the river. We are learning about the importance of the river throughout history in London.

The pupils have followed up our interest in the Thames with some class research work. The challenge was set for each class member to become an expert on one London landmark. Research was carried out online.

All pupils have created a tourist leaflet on our landmark. We started by sketching these out. Our ideas were then transferred on to the laptops using the Purple Mash software. Short presentations were made to our class friends. We have also put on an impressive school assembly to showcase our knowledge.

Our Year 3 artwork has involved the children creating a self-portrait. These were sketched out. We used a gird system to help place our facial features in the correct places.

Colour was then added. The pupils were asked to think about how we can mix a colour that matches the exact tone of our skin. Some of the pupils added wool to represent our hair.

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