Y5 Trip to the British Museum to Study Ancient Greece

Our Ancient Greece Topic has been continuing in Year 5 at Michael Faraday School. The pupils have been reading some of the Ancient Greek myths and legends. We are now familiar with stories such as Theseus and the Minotaur, Cyclops and The Adventures of Odysseus.

The pupils have produced some amazing artwork themed around these stories. Sophie’s class have created a maze style piece of art. This was inspired by Theseus having to find his way of out of a series of tunnels. We used glue and coloured sand to build our mazes.

Joanna’s class have produced some 3D pictures of the boat used by Odysseus. Different layers were built up within our designs. These show the sea, the boats and the sky.

An end of half term trip to the British Museum was enjoyed by Joanna’s class. Sophie’s class will go on a similar trip after the half term break.

The pupils in Joanna’s class were thrilled to be able to see the Elgin Marbles at close. We have researched the story behind this Ancient Greek artefact in great detail.

Our visit to the British Museum was also an opportunity to learn about the architecture of the Ancient Greeks. We compared and contrasted the designs of the doric and ionic columns.

The pupils were given the opportunity construct their own models of Ancient Greek buildings. We learnt that ionic designs were more expensive to design.

We returned to Michael Faraday School and had a recap about our day out at the British Museum. Some of the exhibits that proved popular were the Luna Goddess horse sculpture, the centaurs and the childhood gallery.

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