Year 6 Djembe Drumming Video

Year 6 are having great fun with their weekly African drumming sessions. Each Friday we welcome Sandra and Lee into our school to pass on their expert tuition. Both classes are working towards staging a drumming concert towards the end of the year.

The sessions start with some stretches to help get our fingers and wrists ready for the action. We also need to warm up the drum skins so that they don’t sound flat.

Each sessions contains four different groups of drummers. Each group plays a slight variation of the djembe drums and a unique rhythm pattern. When combined the overall sound is very uplifting.

Sandra and Lee have been helping the students to focus on how the different beats can compliment one another. The pupils are working on staying as tight as possible. We have been aiming to finish each rhythm section together on time.

This is still early days for our drumming tuition. The feedback so far from Sandra and Lee has been fantastic!

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