Year 4 Science States of Matter Experiment Video

Year 4 have been continuing with their science topic of investigating different states of matter. We have been learning about the difference between reversible and irreversible matter.

A recent science lesson involved the pupils planning an investigation. We wanted to see if chocolate is reversible or irreversible.

The pupils were asked to explain what the aim was, any equipment that will be needed, how the variable will remain constant, the method, and then finally a conclusion.

Safety was key here. A small tea light was used to provide the heat. We spoke in detail about how we can stay safe during our science lessons.

Our experiment involved two chocolate buttons being melted in an aluminium dish. We made a prediction about when the chocolate might melt.

The children also used a thermometer to measure the melting temperature. This was logged as 47 degrees. We then found that substance reversed back to a solid at 33 degrees.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we are continuing with our weekly ukulele lessons with Joe. The pupils have been learning how to change the notes on the ukulele in a smooth style.

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