Year 5 Present Thoughtful Gunpowder Plot Assembly

Sophie’s class recently staged their first assembly as Year 5 students. We presented a thoughtful and entertaining explanation of the Gunpowder Plot story.

Most of the preparation was carried out by the pupils. They researched and wrote the script, made the costumes and produced a PowerPoint presentation.

We started our assembly with the ‘Remember, remember, the 5th of November…‘ poem. The Gunpowder Plot story was then acted out. Every class member had a role. We even added in some musical effects.

This was a very clear presentation of what can be a complex story. Sophie’s Class was able to hold the attention of the audience. We saw some superb acting and narration.

The audience was asked some questions about the story at the end. We concluded our assembly with the strong message that we have the freedom to choose any religion we wish.

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