Nursery Shapes Investigation

The Nursery children have been investigating the properties of shapes. We have been having great fun making some large circles using the leaves in our playground.

The children were asked to form these without any gaps. We then started to see what happens if we flip or rotate the leaves.

The Nursery children have also been investigating some of the shapes that we can find in cardboard boxes. The flaps were opened up and we cut open the design to see what shape we could create.

The work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky has also interested the children. We have seen how he used circles in his pictures. Some of the children described his paintings as “noisy!

We will soon start to look at pointed shapes such as triangles and stars. The children are already enjoying reading the Triangle book by Mac Barnett.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and we have been learning how to dance with ribbons. This was an exercise that involved listening. We played different styles of music. The children were asked to respond to what they could hear.

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