Year 1 Re-Write The Naughty Bus Book

Both Year 1 classes recently took part in a trip to the London Transport Museum. This was arranged to tie in with our current class reading book, The Naughty Bus.

The children were able to see old and new London buses in the Museum. We took part in a workshop to help build an old London bus.

Back in the classroom and we have been writing the sequel to the Naughty Bus. Year 1 twisted the plot and came up with the idea of The Good Bus.

Some careful planning took place. The children were asked to think about the structure for their stories. Some helping starting points for each page were given: One day, afterwards and in the end.

Self-editing was encouraged. The children were asked to add in perfect punctuation and to correct any spelling errors.

You can watch some of the Year 1 children reading out their Good Bus stories in the video above.

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