Year 4 Anti-Bullying Week and Maths Measurements

Year 4 have been busy working on themes based around Anti-Bullying Week. We have used our PSHE time to hold a class discussion about the different forms that bullying can take.

The pupils were able to talk not only about physical bullying, but also what it might mean to be bullied verbally or emotionally. The pupils were asked to explain how they might feel if they suffered from each type of bullying.

This led to a discussion about who can help us if we are being bullied. We have been following the advice on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website: Stop, Talk, Walk.

We also enjoyed the Year 6 assembly on anti-bullying. Leanne’s class very kindly put on a special performance for the Year 3 pupils.

The assembly had the strong message that we are all different. This inspired Year 4 to design a unique jigsaw piece explaining why each class member is so special. These will be joined together to show how we are different, but all part of the same group of friends.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our maths work has involved some accurate measuring. We were given the fictional scene of a crime scene in a local jewellers. The fingerprint suggests that a child carried this out.

The Year 4 pupils were asked to measure the lengths of their fingers with great accuracy. Thumbs, index fingers, middle fingers, ring fingers and out little fingers were all measured with a ruler.

Year 4 were asked what surprised them about the measurements, and what they had learnt from the exercise.

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