Y3 Prepare for the Winter with Ice Palace Survival Tips

Year 3 have been reading The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. This is a timely book to read as the temperature outside starts to drop!

The characters in the book are fascinating. The pupils have written letters taking on the role of some of the main characters. Class teachers Elspeth and Kul gave instructions to plan the work, and to add in as much punctuation as possible.

Another piece of written work has led to a Winter Survival Leaflet. Much of the story is set in a freezing ice palace. Year 3 have been talking about what we need to do to try and keep warm.

Each class member has produced a leaflet to explain their thoughts. We were asked to list which items we would be taking and to add in some top survival tips. You can listen to some of these ideas being shared in the recording below.

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