Y4 Prepare for Ukulele Concert at the Royal Festival Hall

The Year 4 pupils are rehearsing hard ahead of two key ukulele performances. We are looking forward to entertaining family and friends at the annual Michael Faraday Winter Concert towards the end of term. We have also been invited to play at a ukulele concert held at the Royal Festival Hall in January.

Ukulele teacher Joe has been passing on his expert knowledge to the pupils. A good starting point is always a warm up. Each session starts with some vocal and physical warm ups to prepare us for the learning ahead.

One of the songs that we will be playing at the Royal Festival Hall is 54-46 Was My Number. Year 4 have seen how the main structure for this song is made up of the C chord and G7.

The pupils have been working on making the correct finger formation, and then making the chord change. Volunteers were asked to demonstrate their technique in front of our friends.

Both Year 4 classes will continue to make improvements as we count down to the Royal Festival Hall performance. We will be sharing ticket details for family members closer to the event.

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