Year 5 Fairness Assembly

Joanna’s Year 5 class recently staged a thoughtful assembly themed around fairness. We started our presentation by defining what it means to be fair. It soon became clear that this can have many different explanations.

Some of the suggestions included:

“Making sure we all get the same.

Caring for other people.

Giving things that you don’t need to people who might need them.”

Our assembly then moved on to consider what is meant by a fair society. The pupils talked about sharing being the right thing to do.

A short film was then shown. This raised some questions about sharing amongst a small group of friends. Some of the Year 5 students offered some suggestions to make an unhappy situation seem fair.

Our assembly finished by considering why being fair is so important. We spoke about offering a choice, keeping safe and human rights.

We asked our friends to think about how being fair requires some careful thought. There are no simple answers.

You can listen to some Year 5 pupils explaining more about their assembly in the recording below.

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