Y6 Haka Videos & Humanities India Research Recording

Year 6 have been having some great fun during our drama lessons. The students have been reading Anthony Browne’s King Kong book. The haka scene has created much excitement. Year 6 were keen to create their own interpretations.

We worked in small groups to improvise a haka interpretation. The pupils were asked to think about what are the defining characteristics of a haka. Some personal creativity was also added.

Each group performed their unique haka in front of the rest of the class. We are proud to share a selection of these in the videos below.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and the pupils have started a new humanities topic. Our exploration of the Middle East has come to a close. We have now headed out further east by learning all about India.

Year 6 will be researching the history of the country and some of the wars that have taken place. A key theme will be to understand how borders might change, but a sense of personal identity and the physical surroundings remain the same.

The different religions practiced in India will be studied in detail. We will be comparing our Middle East knowledge with what we know about India.

A selection of Year 6 students give some of their early thoughts in the recording below.

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