Success for Y6 Student Leanne with Burnet News Club

Year 6 student Leanne is celebrating after winning the weekly contest with the Burnet News Club. Her submission was themed on being sceptical. It was praised by professional journalists who judged the entries.

Journalism students meet after school once a week as part of the Burnet News Club. The aim is for pupils to produce practical pieces of work. These are then shared online and receive feedback.

Leanne’s contribution was themed around a recent Burnet topic of social housing. The Burnet industry professionals commented:

“It was really relevant and clearly explained the scepticism.”

Leanne’s thoughtful entry stated:

“ALL Grenfell Tower Victims Housed in £2 Billion Pound Homes” I chose this headline, because it fits well with our social housing topic. My opinions are that this is not entirely true and it is very exaggerated.

Not true, because most victims are still having to live in hotels or are having to become homeless. Very exaggerated, since the journalist here has used words such as ‘ALL’, implying that everyone involved in the incident were housed.

Another statement I would like to make, is that £2 billion is a bit too much to pay every victim. We don’t know for sure if they were actually housed, but we are a bit sceptical.

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