Year 1 Take Part in Santa’s Workshop Activities

Year 1 had great fun taking part in our Santa’s Workshop series of activities. Different work stations were set up. Each had a specific task.

One activity involved Christmas paper being designed. The pupils were asked to use repeating patterns and to make their designs colourful.

The next task was to price up the gifts. Some careful cutting took place as the children chose some pictures of presents. We then had to use our maths skills to decide how much each present should cost.

The Jolly Postman activity involved programming the school Bee Bots. We use these as part our our ICT coding work. Year 1 were asked to work out the correct sequence of moves that would direct the Bee Bots to the nearest postbox.

The final activity was maths based. A selection of 3D presents were handed around. The challenge was for the children to identify the names of each 3D shape.

It is also worth mentioning how much fun Year 1 had at the Michael Faraday Winter Concert. The children had superb performances of Little Star, Children of the World and Faraday Calling.

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