Nursery Pre-Phonics and New Starters!

The Nursery children have been working on their pre-phonics sounds. This is the very first step in helping the children to recognise the sounds that we use to help create words.

A game of Noisy Neighbour has been played. The children pretend that they are asleep. Along comes a noisy neighbour. A staff member makes different sounds. These include the sound of water running, some DIY or the noise of a cat.

The children are asked to describe the noise that has woken them up. Plenty of adult help is given to improve the vocabulary.

The Nursery children have also been talking about the activities that they enjoy playing with in the Nursery. Once again the aim is to develop speech and sound.

We are all excited about meeting our new friends who will be joining the Nursery next week. The first few weeks will be spent getting to know our new friends and sharing the resources.

All the Nursery children will be treated to a trip to the Unicorn Theatre to see a production of Seesaw. This is a story that explores friendships and the changing seasons. We will be carrying out some drama work ahead of the visit.

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